We’ve Moved! Are you coming with us? You only receive updates if you register at the new site.

About 18 months ago I decided to make the change from a FREE WordPress.com blog to a hosted blog using WordPress.org software. This allows me much more freedom in layout, design, widgets and more. I decided to go with dreamhost as my hosting provider because they have a oneclick installation of the wordpress.org software making it fairly easy to get up and running. This also allows me to use RefTagger. RefTagger is software which can be imbedded within your site. It watches each post you publish and searches for Scripture Citations such as John 3:16 which it then links to the actual scripture. When you hover your mouse cursor over the reference a tool tip appears quoting the reference. Neat! Huh? That is only one of the many reasons for the move.

The transition was successful. I now have more than 3,200 followers on the new site. Thanks for telling your friends.

Here is the new location:

  Prisoner of Christ.  I hope to see you there soon. Thanks for bearing with me as we make the transition.


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