Born Gay? Truth? Rationalization?

Out of the darkness, into the light. No one wants to admit there is an invisible elephant in the room, in order to avoid screams of pachydermophobia.

Open your eyes. Read. Here.


2 thoughts on “Born Gay? Truth? Rationalization?

  1. Kent,

    Great article. American young adults are being abused at alarming rates, and the progressives want them abused, IMHO.


    PS, I should interview you sometime, or mention you so some of my readers come over and read you as well.

    1. Thanks for the visit Wayne. I believe the proliferation of online porn is aiding in the rapid decline in American morals. You know there was a study done back in the 80s where they discovered that incidents of violent sexual assault was greatly increased in the 3 mile radius of adult bookstores in major population centers. Now with porn available and deliverable into every household and every neighborhood I believe we may have passed the tipping point. God help us all.


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