Glenn Beck’s: “Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life”

Glenn Beck has a new book on the market by the title you see above this article.  World View Weekend (which you will find a link to on my blogroll to the right) produces a magazine called” World View Weekend Digest. Brannon Howse has penned an article revealing the philosophy Glenn Beck is espousing and preaching in his new book. It is a real eye-opener. Many Christians are naive endorsers of Glenn’s commentaries on the state of America and the world, because he is an articulate, passionate, and persuasive speaker. But don’t let his charisma fool you. Do yourself a favor and read Brannon’s essay by CLICKING HERE. This link will take you directly to page 28 of the WVW Digest. Read it. READ IT NOW.


The Three Biggest Reasons I’m a Biblical Creationist – Lyndon Unger

IF you haven’t yet discovered Lyndon Unger’s blog : Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely then you have really missed out. Lyndon is a thoughtful, articulate and entertaining blogger who brings truth to light on a regular basis. Don’t let a day pass without making a visit. You’ll be glad you did. Click HERE

Adrian Warnock vs. Frank Turk – Iron Sharpens Iron

Recently, Frank Turk over at the Pyromaniacs blog, opened a conversation with Adrian Warnock. The discussion is part of the aftermath from John MacArthur’s Strange Fire Conference. Read and enjoy.